A Charming Event: Noelle’s Mad Tea Party Bridal Shower!

From the cards dangling from the ceiling to the roses painted red, this is what I would call a successful Wonderland Mad Tea Party!

My future sister-in-law, Noelle, is a fellow Disney lover. While I count Winnie the Pooh as my one true love, she prefers her “big-eared boyfriend,” Mickey.  While Mickey doesn’t seem to be the best theme for a shower, Alice in Wonderland is definitely one of her top Disney movie loves. So there you have it, the inspiration behind this wonderland-filled shower.

Noelle is a born and raised Arizonan and is marrying a New Yorker. As a fellow NYer (and the groom’s sister), I felt it was necessary for her to experience all of her future family in their element. Snowy, cold, sometimes crazy, but all around hilarious.  We made plans to have Noelle and Alex, my mom and my little sister fly out to New York for what would would prove to be a wonderful weekend.

In the weeks prior to the shower, my apartment was filled to the brims with aqua-colored candies, half painted red roses, votive candles, glue, beads, and any other craft item you can imagine.  With months of inspiration and countless hours on Pinterest, it was finally time to make this Wonderland dream a reality.  

As the menu was being prepared, I remember my mom and my aunt asking “what are you serving?” probably a million times.  I’m sure that they now understand how I operate.  What I plan on doing and what I might actually do are never one in the same.  I can’t be tied down to serving only sandwiches or only having one dessert. I couldn’t vocalize what I wanted to do, I just needed to do it. Lucky for me, they put enough faith in me and had enough of their own assignments to do that I was left to create as I felt necessary.

The checkerboard sandwiches were sliced, stacked and toothpicked.  The Cheshire Cat tails were coated, frosted and displayed.  The sugar cubes were dyed, cut and settled.  The themed food items were perfect, exactly how I imagined they would be given I have no food training and my kitchen skills are limited to pasta.  The candy bar was by far a highlight.  The theme of the wedding is aptly called “aquacious,”  a word my brother decided should be used to describe Noelle’s favorite color.  Thanks to a good friend’s love of old school candy, I knew the perfect spot to pick up all of the aquacious candy that would be needed. Colored M&Ms, sixlets, gumballs, rock candy, etc. It was perfect.  If you’ve never met my grandma, let me tell you one thing:  if you tell her you like and/or need something just once, it will come in repeatedly until you say otherwise.  Case in point: she likes to eat fruit out of tiny adorable jars.  I needed a few for beads, she now saves every one.  So when I walked back into “my” bedroom (aka my mother’s)  there were enough jars to restock Shoprite.  I’m no Amy Atlas but I like to think it was a cute start.  

The party went on perfectly. Photo props were used, gifts were opened, games were played.  I am so happy to say that my first real grown-up planned party went off fabulously.  It’s always been a dream to plan parties but I usually left them to the dreams.  Here’s our wonderland, enjoy!